ESG Technology Services

On-site Desktop and Network Service

  • Contact us to come on-site for any technology needs you may have. We can deploy new desktops, purchase/configure the latest in laptops, and design/build/optimize your complete network. And since we work to know your environment so we can resolve problems quickly without wasting your time or ours asking the same questions. We will be happy to schedule our visits during times that work for you, even after-hours and weekends so as not to disrupt your business.

Remote Support for Rapid Response
  • There are times when an on-site visit is not needed to solve a problem. Perhaps you need help configuring your Outlook for a new e-mail account. Or maybe your Office Manager needs assistance doing a mail merge in Word or creating a formula in Excel. Simply call or e-mail us with your question. For a low per-ticket charge we will resolve the problem either over the phone or by remotely controlling your system, all while teaching you the steps involved!

  • Help Desk Extended Coverage
  • As noted above our Remote Support is ideal for issues between 7am and 5pm Central Time. If your business requires around-the-clock support, pay only a small retainer and you can have access to our experts 24/7/365 plus get a discounted per-ticket rate.

  • Cloud Storage and Computing
  • Cloud-based computing is a buzzword these days. The concept behind a cloud is that instead of a physical server where your data might live, you have a virtual drive hosted on a group of Internet servers that can be accessed from anywhere. With ESG LiveDrive you have a file storage location on the Internet where you can organize files, collaborate, and even share files with vendors, clients, or others outside your business.

  • Small Business Hosting for Web and E-mail
  • We have combined website hosting, e-mail hosting, DNS management, and domain registration into one perfect package for small businesses. For less than $1 per day we take care of all your hosting needs plus give you responsive, personal service.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Your website is more than just a business card, it is a communication tool. It should represent all that your business offers, how you provide those services, and why you are unique. Above all, your website should entice potential customers to contact you. Our professional team of web developers will work with you to find the perfect look and ideal content.

  • e-Commerce (Shopping Cart) Solutions
  • Get your products and services noticed on the Internet while opening your business to a whole new range of customers! Our ESG e-Commerce Solution combines state-of-the-art shopping cart service with inventory management, order processing, CRM, and accounting features. Learn more.

  • E-mail Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filtering
  • We filter your e-mail before it ever reaches your server, eliminating virus issues, dramatically reducing spam, and saving you precious Internet bandwidth. Additionally our filters queue e-mail so that should your Internet connection or server be offline, your incoming e-mail will queue up instead of be rejected.

  • Layered Backup and Server Maintenance
  • Our exclusive ESG Layered Backup Approach provides complete data coverage for your critical systems and files. With Internet Backups you can toss your tapes away for good. While our Quarterly Server Maintenance offering contains full server imaging including the operating system and patching to Microsoft recommended levels.

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Need to collaborate by sharing calendars and contacts in real-time? Exchange allows your team to access their e-mail, calendar, and contacts wirelessly or across any Internet connection plus share common calendars, task lists, and contacts.

  • Data Center Services
  • Is your business outgrowing your current server space? Or perhaps you are a virtual company but need a secure area in which to host your server? ESG Data Center Services can provide the answers to these and other hosting needs. From dedicated physical servers to rack space, and from virtual servers to complete turn-key packages, we have the professional staff and controlled space your business requires. Our support options also include packages in which we handle the monitoring, backup, patching, and upgrading of your systems.